August 15th Film

Peace, Justice, and Independent Media

 – A Video by

I have been putting together a video of the highlights from over 8oo videos I have compiled over the past few years. I am going to cover topics of: Independent media, police and activist interactions, 911 truth activist, And over a dozen different peace marches, Veterans for Peace Vigils, Iraq body Count Flag exhibits, Impeachment Protesting, The Sit-Lie Law Protesting at City Hall, Code Pink, and a Seriously Pissed Off Grannies anti war tribute.

I am also planning to edit-in the “Mothers Day Silent Vigil” and the short video of when the “Police Take My Camera” for the final film.

There is so much really good footage to sift through that its hard to pick one video and then not pick another.  There are so many great causes and actions that I have filmed and I would like to share but this time slot is limited.

I am trying to work the final video down to 45 minutes. But I have a feeling its gonna run a tiny bit longer.

Just sent out an email request in regards to having “Loose Change” play at the event.  They are a great Rock n Roll band that play in Portland and it would be fun to have them there.  ( I have filmed them in the past)  They play a 60-70’s anti war style of music. (correct me if I’m wrong)

The event is going to open with a few conversations with the Evergreen College Delegaton that just returned from Venezuela and have some interesting things to share with us all. In solidarity and in the spirit of Cascadia and our ties with our intrest with South America we are excited to have these speakers at our event.

This event will be in a average sized meeting room but if the crowd size is big we can move to the larger ball room which would be nice … an RSVP to will help us get a head count to organize and plan on what room we will be using. There will be plenty of room for all our friends and fellow activist groups to have a table at this Cascadia to Caracas Event and to share their information … so if your interested in tabling we welcome you!


One Response to “August 15th Film”

  1. joe anybody Says:

    turns out “Loose Change” can not play at the event (darn!)

    I am looking into another “recommended band” that plays bluegrass music?

    Everything is moving forward in good light… this should be a fun event

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