Cascadia to Caracas – Joe Anybody video’s from the front-lines


pdxVenezuela Delegation is …. a local group of 10 people, of which two are Veterans. All are part of a delegation which will be partaking in a planned “Winter Soldier” event in Caracas Venezuela.

The Portland delegation will all be at this event to meet everyone, and introduce them selves.

This fundraiser (EVENT) is at The Portland Art Museum and we will be showing a 70 minute video of local anti war protests, Iraq Body count flag display, military resisting, Impeachment vigils, Code Pink & Grannies’ protesting, as well as citizens speaking to power in public.

Our peace and media delegation is working under Portland’s PCASC umbrella and this event is a “fundraiser”

Join us on August 15 at (the exact time is still being discussed) at the Portland Art Museum Mark Building at 1119 SW Park avenue. (Miller Gallery)

The fundraiser will have speakers from the Evergreen College Venezuela Delegation. This event will be a showing of Joe Anybody’s videos from the front-lines.

Joe (who is also a delegate) is an independent media videographer from Portland who has been documenting the anti-war, peace and justice movement in the Cascadia region for the last few years.

The video (clips) in this event are, inspiring, documenting, showcasing war resisting, protesting, and even some footage of Joe filming the police who seem to always meet the activists on the front-lines of the protest movements. These are exciting and emotional clips.

The peace and media delegation “pdxVenezuela” will be traveling to Venezuela on September 3rd for 10 days. We are looking to the community to help support our delegation how ever they can, and we are inviting them to our event to celebrate.

This event is a “donations accepted”
No one will be turned away – everyone welcome
(RSVP will help us gage the attendance an the room setup)

This is our last get together before the delegation leaves in September…

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