our first week

all of the delegation has been busy every day…no one has gotten sick, and everyone is safe…. the closet we have come to any danger is probably in regards to me (joe anybody) filming…only in the respect that my camera could be a signal to rob us…twice we had to exit the area due to people on cell phones calling ? somone mentioning gringos with cameras? … i have been updateing my person blog with some info of what we are doing…read it here: http://zebra3report.tripod.com/zebra3report/ (Zebra 3 Report) we also have video clips links of Josh & Benji posted on the pdxvenezuela.org webpage from their appearance on local TV. Today I thik Hugo Chavez returns from his out of the country visit… we may be going to the welcome party …everybody around here is going…. it is causing a slight change in our plans for today but …
its morning here …and I need to go back to meet the group …I walked for the 1 time by myself to the intermet cafe :-)… many of us a returning on a flight on Monday …
peace from joe

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