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No Police Allowed on any Caracas University campus VIDEO

September 26, 2009

Caracas Venezuela No Police Allowed on Campus


No Police Allowed on any Caracas University campus

Bus Ride Back From The Beach Video

September 23, 2009


Our Bus Ride Back from The Beach

Evergreeen Students at Cascadia to Caracas fundraiser in Portland

September 20, 2009


When I Paint My Masterpiece Bus Ride Video

September 19, 2009

Paint My Masterpiece

Caracas Venezuela Bus Ride Video

Charlie Hardy “what it was like in Caracas in 1989”

September 19, 2009

Recent Articles Written by PDX Venezuela Members

September 17, 2009


Why the U.S. Government Hates Venezuela

An Article by Shamus Cook



U.S. Military Buildup in Colombia, Is the U.S. Preparing for War with Venezuela?

An Article by Mark Vorps

Video clips from Veterans in our Delegation

September 12, 2009

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Below are video clips of TV interviews from the veterans on our delegation, that were filmed on our first few days here in Caracas 

Benji Lewis on V TV


Josh Simpson on V TV Part 1


Part 3


Part 4


Benji and Josh together Part 1


Benji and Josh together Part 2

F the corporate media

September 12, 2009

(post copied from Joe Anybodys blog the Zebra 3 Report) on Saturday morning

Our delegation is going to a noon demonstration (today Sat) in solidarity with the “peace camps” that are cropping up in opposition to the military bases that are in Columbia. The demonstration is in downtown Caracas 

Chavez returned from out of the country yesterday… but we didn’t make it to the plaza where he spoke ..but watch it on TV at our place where we are staying…as our interpreter explained the translation of the 45 min speech by Chavez

He spoke to the massive super ecstatic crowds about the recent new discovery of twice the amount of oil in Venezuela’s reserves…making Venezuela one of the top leaders in oil potential in the world

He spoke of his recent agenda of putting computers in all the school to give all the student internet access

He spoke of meeting with leaders of Russia, Spain, Syria, and Iran …that are all in support of Venezuela´s Bolivarian Revolution

He spoke of the new military rocket he is acquiring that is precision guided and super accurate as a major advancement to have for protection of his country, which is constantly under verbal attack by the empire USA

He spent a lot of time thanking all the students, mother, grandparents, etc …and everyone under the sun, who contribute and hold the values & respect of the Bolivarian Revolution

The people in Venezuela “love their president” …. he tells them it isn’t “him” it is ….”all of them” that this revolution is all about… he is their “tool” to achieve socialism and peace and it is “not about him… its all about them”

The media/propaganda spin of Chavez is sickening in the US press…

I have seen nothing but great stuff going on here, I would be proud to have leadership like what I  am seeing here… HE IS NOT A DICTACTOR as portrayed in the US media… far from it ….it is a “peoples democracy” …dictators don’t allow democracy!

The motivation by the US on this country to implant US imperialism and corporate interests are felt by all the Venezuelans’….  when I see “Yankee Go Home” (in many places around Caracas) spray painted on walls, it was put their for a reason… they don’t want the US (corporations/capitalist) meddling with their lives, markets, and land… the people here are wise to the US corruption and meddling in their country. (very unlike US citizens)

There is a BIG concern here that the US military and its presence in Columbia’s 7 military bases is a ramping up of USA Imperialism and the potential attack on the Venezuelan people …all based on some stupid War on Drugs ideology that is droned on and on in the US press (wink)

The media that is being closed down here is due to them being rouge, illegal in programming policies (Sex/Violence on airways), insulting and threatening to the government and “special interests of capitalism” and that (many stations) are in violations of required laws, fees, paper work and licenses. They have flipped their fingers at Chavez and have challenged the rulings with a poker face arrogant blatant “just try to stop us” attitude….  well it ain’t working…

That doesn’t mean they are being silenced … for there is so much free community access and community radio and newspapers everywhere… the “actual people” <now> get to report the news …. this isn’t silencing the media is a silence of the corrupt wealthy capitalist Imperialist corporate (white) (rich) and US backed Right Wing shit talkers… That’s what’s going on. It is a shell game of the typical “corporate media bullshit” saying that Chavez is stopping those that speak against his policies. Yet they have been violating the very laws and are spin machines for Americas Capitalism abusive agendas.

They are not using these 4 words below …but it is exactly what is happening here in the media here now in Venezuela ……


It is very sad to see that as I am treated with respect & love and welcomed here, all then while my government continues to threaten and shit talk this country. The whole country is hip to what is going on…. when through the “peoples eyes” here, they see America in the news attacking countries, invading foreign lands, and pushing the corporate terror on and in the countries they invade. The irony is that in America many are being duped in these military US operation of Stopping (sic) Terrorism…but here in Venezuela it is OBVIOUS as hell to everyone that the US is a monster that has its tentacles all over the planet….

….it is OBVIOUS that we are the world leading terrorists …and it saddens my heart to think my country can be seen and viewed (justly) as bullies and terrorist promoters …it is sickening…. the ones fooled are my fellow Americans…nobody is being fooled around here…. It is so obvious it is almost a joke to the people of Venezuela, that the US is fooling no one but their own people

The dirty hands of the CIA, and corporate interest (that require Military protection) is OBVIOUS to every single person here …yet they treat us (me) USA citizens with understanding… they know it is not the people …but our corrupt government…and for that I am thankful

I am off to the Peace Camps (in downtown Venezuela) to document the oppositions to US Military Intervention in Columbia …on our phony “war on drugs” (wink)

to read more on peace bases check this link that is on the delegations blog

LOVE = Solidarity
Fuck The (US) Corporate Media

our first week

September 11, 2009

all of the delegation has been busy every day…no one has gotten sick, and everyone is safe…. the closet we have come to any danger is probably in regards to me (joe anybody) filming…only in the respect that my camera could be a signal to rob us…twice we had to exit the area due to people on cell phones calling ? somone mentioning gringos with cameras? … i have been updateing my person blog with some info of what we are doing…read it here: (Zebra 3 Report) we also have video clips links of Josh & Benji posted on the webpage from their appearance on local TV. Today I thik Hugo Chavez returns from his out of the country visit… we may be going to the welcome party …everybody around here is going…. it is causing a slight change in our plans for today but …
its morning here …and I need to go back to meet the group …I walked for the 1 time by myself to the intermet cafe :-)… many of us a returning on a flight on Monday …
peace from joe

Peace Protest – Media Studio Visit – Vets on TV

September 5, 2009

Well Im at an internet cafe this morning (saturday) .. our WIFI is not connecting at the hostel. I may not have spell-check and I only have a half hour here.

The first day we went to a protest (peace demonstration) against the military bases in Columbia…there was about 4,000 people there, alot of folks had red shirts. It was full of energy..people claqpping, bands singing, …speeches…. they had a big stage… TV cameras etc… our group is netwoked throught the peace network here so we made it to teh front…and tehn we (4 of us) made it to the stage. Benji Iraq Vet, Gerry Vetnam war resister, Andrew activist…and me with my camera…

We were all on stage with 50 other people… we had our own chance to speak..I just filmed, no speaking….it was a powerful … The crowd cheered. they loved us. Our folks on stage spoke out against “Imperlism and War¨we stood in solidarity …… We had people thanking us latter on the streets… shaking hands etc

That night Benji & Josh ..both Iraq veterans were on the Centeral America national TV speaking out against war and US Imperalism. Nothing slandorus was said…but a powerful message against the failed US policies, and the use of Armed Forces on other people in other countries. Those two were on 2 different stations, that evening. It was almost lke a “Winter Solider Event”

After the demonstartion, we went to a small cafe and and had lunch… I had a chicken burrito and pepsi …then we drove to a community media studio …we got the complete tour oftheir grass roots media spread.

The media studio was a using¨”recycled conatineers” like big railway cars to make offices and studios for filming-recording..they have a big mobile stage on a flat bed trailer…they have trucks with cameras and recording equipment…plus a big outdoor stage that they were actually filming a show on when we were there. They are using recyled materials and governemnt money to run the studio…it was a a big open concreted area that used to be houses before the change in the “Metro” streets project for that area.

We are in a 3 story nice clean house in our hostel.Three ladies (younger than me) come by to fix breakfast and cook our dinner. Its cool and good food. Today we are maybe going to an opposition party protest regarding the media changes. Dont know the details but sounds like it will be interesting. We have a interperter with us all day (every day) and he is really good…other in our group can speak pretty well to helpus get around… we stay in a group most of the time. A lot of us dont speak spanish very good at all.

I had a lady tell me on camera to¨” tell Obama that capitalism isnt working …and that socilism is the answer” we are treated by folks here “really well” ….NOT one bad word or comment directed at us… just smiles! We did see three Nation Guard guys with machine guins walk down our street and talk with a few that were out frint…I was inside peeking out the window… It was said by the interperter we shouldnt film the police or the Army guys…so I didnt

I feel the energy and passion here and the people are wise to their struggles for empowerment…it is cool….we had a couple local guys stop by last night and party with us …drinking beer till 1 am…and just sharring political storiesand listening/playing music etc….

The busses and cars drive “all over the road” with motorcycles zipping in between and all around honking their horns. Its insane ….I seen no accidents… but its is crazy… no one stops for red lighs…very little police on the streets… almost all the busses and cars are really rugged broken down looking…. smokey exhuasts etc… the trips around town are bumper to bumper…

I wil be writing latter …we are trying to get the WIFI up and running

the weather is sultry… hot/warm….all the time

So far I have four hours of video collected….I will write about today´s events latter tonight or in the morning…. this cafe is closed tomorrow, but we are hoping the WIFI will be up at the hostel!

¿joe anybody