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Bus Ride Back From The Beach Video

September 23, 2009


Our Bus Ride Back from The Beach

VIDEOS: BRIAN WILSON Speaking Event in Portland Oregon

August 23, 2009

Brian Willson Speaking Event 10 short video clips

A fundraiser speaking event in Portland Oregon
for pdxvenezuela peace & media Delegation
that is going to venezuela in September 2009

“Dan shea & Megan Hise” Introduction

“The Begining of My New Life” part 1

“The Train ” part 2

“I Cant Wait for Congress” part 3

“Taking Pins Off The Map” part 4

“Learning My First Lesson in Resistance” part 5

“One of Those Moments” part 6

“I’m a Pacifist” part 7

“The Tax Man” part 8

“Breaking Obedience” part 9 The End